To provide funds, resources and training on a collaborative, sustainable basis to small and medium sized farms in Ghana.


  • To provide low interest loans to farmers,
  • Encourage “Youth in Agriculture”
  • Train a new generation of farmers
  • Generate efficient agricultural production
  • Maximize profitability


  • Providing low interest loans to hard working farmers who are willing to learn and meet standards and targets.
  • Training a new generation of youth in agriculture.
  • Working with communities for development and providing local employment.
  • Coordinating technical advancement and agricultural education in association with suitable partners.
  • Providing Support Inputs – Feed, Drugs, Day Old Chicks, Piglets, Rabbits, Infrastructure & Equipments.
  • Sourcing Funding – from Grants, Organisations such as ADB – Ghana, AfDB, DFID and individual philanthropists.
  • Providing Support Services – Veterinarian Services, Accounts, Management & Training
  • Developing Markets and Infrastructure
  • Developing Potential
  • Expanding by Replication
  • Establishing similar initiatives throughout Ghana.