1st YEAR

  • Establishment of Lamkotet Office with various departments to run program.
  • To purchase a minimum 20 acre land for mixed farming purposes
  • Establishment of links with selected service providers
  • Development of software (accounting, management, record keeping, loan application etc) to be used by farmers.
  • Advertise program
  • Start with developement of loan department and products
  • SYDA Campaign – Sponsoring Youth to Do Agric

2nd YEAR

  • Review & consolidate gains in year 1
  • Establish one additional farm similar to year 1
  • Establish a feed Mill to supply feed to our farm and the general public
  • Establish links with local raw material producers
  • Establish MOU with schools & communities
  • Affiliate with recognized institutions
  • SYDA Campaign – Sponsoring Youth to Do Agric